Weekend Wrap Up – Some Much Needed Rest!

Those of you who read my Weekend Wrap Ups know how busy we have been the last month.  I am so happy to say we had a much quieter weekend.   Every single one of us were looking forward to the long weekend.

Originally, I hadn’t planned on going out on Friday but decided to run a few errands.   The kids were a bit uncooperative on deciding where dinner out should be.   One wanted Mexican and the other didn’t.  We came very close to driving back into the garage and staying home.  Finally we had a decision and off we went…and we ended up at a small Mexican restaurant in town.

Sleeping in was on my agenda for the weekend.  I have been feeling a little sleep deprived…our 13 year old dog has been needing to go out anywhere from 2 a.m. – 5 a.m.   I get up with her, crash on the couch until she is ready to come back in and then go back upstairs.  Most of the time I can fall right back asleep, but there are those mornings I don’t.  It felt great getting up when my body was ready to…not when the alarm said so.

It was a gorgeous day Saturday so we decided to go to McClane Nature Trail for some hiking and geocaching.  We had 6 caches to locate but only found 4.   Once we were home the kids were outside playing.   Relaxing, reading and enjoying the sun was they way I spent the rest of the day.

Sunday, Scott’s parents called to see if we were home.  They had some lumber to bring up.  I had BBQ hotdogs on the menu so invited them up to having a quick dinner with us.   It was nice visiting with them, the last few time we had been together we were all busy working getting ready for the estate sale.  Emily spent the night with her best friend so we went and did some treasure hunting at Goodwill and then checked out Football gear.  (Yes, our little guy is signed up to play this Fall.)

Another morning of sleeping in was heaven!  Kids were not wanting to go anywhere so we stayed home and caught up with the home stuff, like laundry.   Dinner on the BBQ came early so I could go to Zumba and get my workout in.  Scott is off this week and we have plenty of things to do while the kids are at school.  Scott is going to build a shed so we will hopefully be starting on that.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe Memorial Day weekend!  Don’t forget the Lawry’s giveaway ends this Wednesday!   Have a great week!

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    I just love weekends where there is no real agenda and we can just enjoy sleeping in, staying in our jammies for a while and having a big family breakfast together before deciding how we’d really like to enjoy the day.


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