Wild Waves Holiday With Lights

Friday night we were treated to an experience of holiday fun!  It was chilly night (but no rain – yay!) so we were bundled up and ready to enjoy an evening of fun!

Out of the four of us, only Emily had been to the park before.   As we entered the park we had our VIP lanyards around our neck and headed in.  It was pretty amazing seeing all the holiday lights and also seeing the lights from the rides.

As we walked across the bridge, I loved how all the candy canes lit our way to the excitement for the night.

Our first stop was the big white tent full of an assortment of sweet treats and hot chocolate.  The heaters were a giant plus keeping us warm.  The kids couldn’t believe how cold it was.  I had to take this picture of them trying to warm their hands!

Before the lighting of the Christmas tree, we snuck in a ride…the Hang Glider.  I knew Emily would go on it and was surprised when Brad said he wanted to to go too.  The three of us headed on the ride and had a blast while Scott just waved to us from below.

It was time for the lighting of the tree so we headed over to see Santa arrive and the lighting.  One thing that stands out in my mind was the moment of silence we all held in respect for the Connecticut victims.  It meant so much to me as a mom of two…still trying to comprehend what those families must be going through.  (Thank you Wild Waves for taking that time!)

One of our military families had the honor of turning on the lights.  The dad was deployed so this made their night pretty special.

We were whisked away (which made the kids feel really important) and taken the back way to see Santa.  Our group was the first in line and we all had a moment to take a family picture with the big guy himself.  Great memories made that night.

Once we said goodbye to Santa we were on our way to enjoy more rides.  Emily and I braved the Timberhawk roller coaster IN THE DARK!  Emily screamed the entire time while I laughed and screamed some too!

We hit the carousel for a ride…you can never go wrong with a Merry-Go-Round!

Brad wanted to try the Paratrooper so off we went.  He is 9 (almost 10), and just getting into rides.  I was so excited to see him want to try something new.  As we were sitting on the ride we were talking and I asked him if he was excited.  He said “Yes, but a little nervous too.  I am going to face my fears tonight!”  I was beaming inside!   He was so excited he wanted to go on it again but this time with Emily so off they went.

It was almost 9 p.m. by the time we decided to leave.  Our toes and fingers were numb so we were ready to get warm.  We had so much fun and I have promised them we will go back this summer when it is much warmer!  Wild Waves is also a water park so we will be back for a fun summer day!

As we were headed home, both kids thanked us for taking them.  As they thanked me, I would like to thank Wild Waves for inviting us for such a great family experience!


Disclosure:  We received complementary tickets for the Holiday With Lights at Wild Waves.  I was not compensated to write a positive or favorable review.  This is my personal opinion of the park and our experience.

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    I didn’t know they did this! We had season passes to Enchanted Village & Wild Waves when we were little…I even remember when you had to pay separately for each park :) Scotty would LOVE this…and my absolute favorite ride there is the Paratrooper one!

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