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I am thrilled to bring you the Teavana Mother’s Day giveaway!   This is one of the most elegant gifts I have been able to give away.

Have you experienced walking into a Teavana store?  Last week, while at an out of town mall, I had the opportunity to check out their store.  Walking in, we were welcomed with the wonderful aromas of tea and my senses were in heaven.  We took a brief look at all the teas they offer, along with tea cups and tea kettles.  Beauty was all around.  I now want to go back and take a longer look.

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I received this elegant Cherry Blossoms Japanese Cast Iron Teapot, along with several Tea Blends.  The teapot is beautiful and will last a lifetime.  I love the fact that it will keep my tea hot so I can enjoy it over time.  No rushing with a hot teapot.

The tea blends I received were a mix of brand new teas and fan favorites.  Check out the tea, right out of the package and seeped.  They are full of flavor!

2012-04-27 07.23.16

New flavors:

Berry Kiwi Colada:  Loaded with mango, kiwi, prickly pear, pineapple and strawberry with a hint of coconut.

Fig Rose:  Fig slices, apple, and pineapple flourish with rose, hibiscus and a touch of almond.

Fan Favorites:

Strawberry Rose Champagne Oolong:  Sweet strawberry balanced with the taste of crisp champagne and soft rose.

Dragonfruit Devotional Herbal Tea:  Sweet fruit notes from guava, strawberry and dragonfruit with a floral finish from rose and magnolia.

Youthberry White Tea:  Refreshing sweet pineapple and fruity acai berry infusion with subtle floral finish.

2012-04-27 07.26.51

With two busy kids, I don’t often have the time to sit down and enjoy a hot cup of tea.   When I do get the chance, by the time I get to it, it’s cold and have I have to reheat it.  Making time for ME is important and I am trying to do it more.   Anytime I can sit in my favorite chair and look out the window, sipping on hot tea is my MOMent.   I love when the house is quiet, completely quiet.  That is the perfect time for  me.

2012-04-27 07.28.16

Here is the fun part.  Now you will have the opportunity to win the same Teavana tea party gift I received.

  • You must tweet a picture of your tea getaway with a short description.

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #TeavanaMOMent and use @tammystwocents in your tweet.

  • Upload to Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest too!

  • Be sure to leave the URL of your tweet as a comment so I can verify your entry.

The winner will be randomly selected Monday, May 6th at 3 p.m. PST and the product will be sent directly to you just in time for Mother’s Day!

Disclosure:  I received the Teavana tea party set for review purposes.  I have not been compensated to write a positive or favorable review.  This is my personal opinion of the products.

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  5. Pam H. says:

    Where is the URL of the tweet listed to leave it as a comment?

  6. Jennifer jerzak says:
  7. Is there any way to enter without a twitter and Instagram account? I don’t either bit would love to participate!

  8. I’m a Teavana addict! Love it so much. Happy to tweet!


  9. Leigh Fawbush says:

    I don’t have a Twitter account, but I did post to Facebook. :) Here’s the link!




  10. Theresa Burch says:

    Hello, I would like to participate but I do not have a twitter account. Can I have my sister do it for me?

  11. Leilani says:

    What a great prize for us moms! Here’s my tweet. https://twitter.com/artgecko1/status/330074355197415425

  12. Here’s my tweet. Thanks for the chance!!!


  13. Katherine G. says:

    Here’s my special tea and me tweet!

  14. I’m not sure if it will show but I don’t have a twitter account just FB.. I highlighted it,, and wam going to try to tag you in it so you can see it… please let me know if it works TY!

  15. Megan M. says:

    Here’s my tweet! https://twitter.com/ostmega/status/331085033207132161

    I was steeping the strawberry basil, but the fig rose you mentioned in your post sounds good, too! It’s going on my wish list :)

  16. Here is my tweet, Tammy! Thank you!


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    https://twitter.com/PeppermintKiwi/status/331261819974975488 Perfect timing, I’ve been drinking tea all weekend to help get over a bug :)

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  20. mary renshaw says:
  21. cassandra says:

    love tea :) i share my moment with my dog/dogs. i usually have it while letting them outside to run and play in the morning. its very relaxing and gets me up and going also!

  22. K. Cleaver says:


    I tweeted while drinking some hot tea. :)

  23. jules m. says:
  24. Where can i buy one!!!! Or the tea??! Looks delicious!!

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