The Fast Metabolism Diet – Week Four Results

The Fast Metabolism diet

I have just finished my 27 days (short by one day) of the FMD and I am pleased to say I lost 9.8 pounds!  (No where near the 20 pounds claimed on the book cover but I am pleased!)  My weight had gone up a bit during the holidays and I was having a hard time taking it off.  This diet jumpstarted it and I got past the number on the scale where I ALWAYS get stuck.  Imagine my surprise on Mother’s Day when I got on the scale and I saw a number I hadn’t seen in a year!

Mother’s Day was my first day off the plan in the last 27 days.   My wants were a Caramel Macchiato, a chocolate chip cookie and pizza.  After I saw the scale, I decided to follow the plan as close as I could while still enjoying the indulgences I wanted.   I savored my coffee and was in heaven with the pizza.   The chocolate chip cookie was missing from my day so I added a few chocolate chips to my raw cashew nuts that night for my snack.  (I probably saved a lot of calories by doing it that way.)  My metabolism must be on the mend because the scale didn’t move even with my treats!  YAY!

Was this plan hard?  Yes and no.  The hardest week for me was the first one.  My body was going through caffeine and sugar withdrawals so I had a headache for about 3 days.   I could also feel the detoxing going on from the food I had been feeding on for the last couple of years.  Once week one was over, I felt pretty good.  Week three was when I had a few cravings but worked through them…mind over matter and made it through without a single cheat.  In fact, I did not stray from the plan for the full 27 days and I am very proud of that.

A few times I did eat a wrong food because it wasn’t on the list for the specific phase I was doing but had been on the prior phase.    It happens, and you just move on.   I did find it can be challenging eating out anywhere fast food.  I ordered a salad at McDonalds and they had to make a fresh salad for me omitting the cheese.  If they had been busy, I probably would have had to pick off the cheese.  I suggest carrying your own salad dressing along because it can be difficult when a restaurant doesn’t have balsamic vinegar.  Salads that are made to order are the best way to go, eating out.

I found it best to have my meals planned out.  This way I didn’t stray from the foods I needed to fulfill that meal or snack.  I have learned that I like a lot more veggies than I thought and have tried fruits I had never purchased before and loved them.  Being open to the foods on the list is a must.

The first time around on the diet can be a little spendy getting all the ingredients you will use.  Now I am stocked on the Tamari, Sunflower Mayonnaise and other ingredients that you really need for the plan.  Organic pricing is a bit higher on most things and finding Nitrate free food can also be a bit expensive.   It is all part of the program and it works, so I suggest following the directions she gives closely.

Now that I have done one round, I could be done but I actually want to lose 14 more pounds by the end of July.  This week I am eating from the Phase 3 foods.  Giving my body a break without going off the plan completely.   Next Monday, my husband and I will be starting another 28 day cycle.  I am excited to have him on the diet too.  Makes meals a bit easier. If you are looking for a weight loss plan or just to jumpstart your metabolism, this is it.  Don’t give up and follow it completely!  I promise you will lose.

Week One Results

Week Two Results

Week Three Results

Disclosure:  I am sharing my results on The Fast Metabolism Diet solely for my readers.  No compensation is being received.  This is my personal opinion of the program!

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    • says

      Thanks Nichol. I have to admit, you have inspired me to keep going. I was at the same starting weight as you were in January. My motivation is to see my scale move like yours has! You look awesome!

  1. Maria says

    Hi, Tammy!
    I came across this site while looking for more info and testimonials regarding the FMD.

    I’m on week 3 and I’m feeling great. I have lost 8 pounds so far and I’m amazed. I read all you wrote about your experience with the diet and I loved it.
    Stay strong, don’t give up! :) I’m glad you are making it! :)

    Don’t stop writing! I find it very inspiring! :)

    Kind regards,


    • says

      Hi Maria,

      Congrats on your 8 pounds lost. That is fabulous. I loved the FMD plan and was very successful on it. I just had a hard time planning the meals since my family really wasn’t thrilled with the recipes. Hailey has come out with so many great new recipes that I try adding one here or there in our meal plan.

      Keep doing a great job! :)

  2. says

    It feels great to read fmd success stories like this and great you never gave up that’s why you succeed! Your story is an inspiration to others. Good job Tammy, keep it up!

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