Why Laser Christmas Lights Might Be This Year’s Best Xmas Idea

Ok… I’ll admit it. I’m guilty.

For the last 2 years I’ve sent my two boys up the ladder every year to set up our Christmas Lights.  Not only do they absolutely hate it, it’s incredibly dangerous.

Think about it for a minute…..

Asking two kids or even adults for that matter to climb up a precariously placed ladder in the cold and attempt to hang up a string of tangled Christmas lights on rusty metal hooks from the year before. Then when that is all done, you need to run a big ugly extension cord across the lawn – maybe event two of them.

tangle of christmas lights

Oh…. I forgot to mention the best part of it – untangling the giant huge mess of Christmas Lights. You know the one you put in your garage and promised yourself you’d organize properly.

The huge mess of lights that look something like this – – ->

It’s really amazing if you think about it, how Americans still stick to this old tradition despite the fact that there are much better options.  At this point you might be thinking what is better than hanging Xmas lights – it’s part of the tradition and the lights all around your house look awesome. While I do think Christmas Lights look great… I did find a better option.

Laser Christmas Lights

Basically think of your indoor projector, the one you use for watching movies, sports of even playing video games. Well that same amazing piece of technology that your husband probably uses to watch football can also be used to light up your house.


The advantages of Xmas laser-based lightings are huge:

  1. You don’t have to climb a ladder
  2. No tangled wires
  3. Uses way less energy
  4. Looks better
  5. More light options

Not many shops actually sell laser christmas lights, but I did find a pretty cool resource that has pretty detailed guide on setting up your own system at laserchristmaslightshq.com’s website.

While they have tons of content – check out:

Well that’s it for now guys. 

I do apologize for the long time away from the keyboard. I’ll be back up and at it in the next few months and hopefully hear from some of my old readers if you guys haven’t disappeared!.